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types of care

Our care comes through a variety of methods and may require varying levels of care ranging from acute relief and corrective care through to supportive and preventative care.  

acute relief care

Acute relief care provides relief for immediate pain, restricted mobility and soreness.  Depending on your specific problem, age or previous injury, treatment will focus on the shortest and most effective methods available.  We use the most sophisticated tools available for treatment like laser or ultrasound and sometimes use the oldest tried and true method like acupuncture.  We use the best combination of therapy available.

corrective care

Corrective care is sometimes called subacute. This care follows when pain subsides yet the problem is not gone.  The intense treatment schedule of acute care is replaced by one time per week corrective care.  This type of correction depends upon the person and is as varied as the individual themselves.  The more chronic the problem the longer correction may take. 

Furthermore, corrective care focuses on the restoration of normal function to your spine, muscles, supporting structures and nervous system.  

supportive care

Supportive care provides care aimed at retaining the long lasting benefits of acute relief and corrective care.  Generally, through monthly or bi-monthly visits, this type of care is geared towards detection and treatment of minor spinal and functional problems that occur otherwise unnoticed or undetected.


Often people come in for acute short term relief when what they really require is long term relief through corrective then supportive care.  They often think that it was what they did yesterday or the day before that caused their acute problem.  Does heart disease happen overnight?Do you just wake up one day with high blood pressure?  No, of course not.  Managing conditions is what we do to optimize living.  If relief from acute short term pain is what you are seeking than we are happy to assist you.


preventative care

Can chiropractic care prevent future injury or problems?  A frequently asked question.  Let us answer this by looking at another question.  Does regular maintenance on your car prevent it from breaking down on the side of the road?  The answer is no, but your car's performance and gas mileage can be improved to perform better.


Your body's performance could be better too. Naturally, with regular monthly chiropractic care.  Remember, with your health, there are no new spare parts.  


Chiropractic Care for all ages

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